How do you Thrive in the tough seasons of your life?

growDo you ever feel like all you can do is SURVIVE the difficult seasons? If you can just get through this maybe things will get better?

I love the song Thrive by Casting Crowns. I sing it often and there is so much truth in that song. I never thought about how God WANTS us to thrive not just survive.



But then that negative voice in your head says something like “It has to get worse before it gets better” or “when it rains is pours”?

God is showing me that we CAN “thrive” even in the worst situations if we remember some key truths.

How do we THRIVE in those tough seasons?

  1. Trust God! God is GOOD! He does not cause bad things to happen but He can use bad things to create good things. He is amazingly creative and always looking to make the best out of us and for us.
  2. Allow this GROW you. When it rains it pours…and the rain waters the fields and the plants grow. Think of yourself as a plant in the field and the rain is feeding you, allowing you to grow in ways you never thought possible. Hard times cause us to realize just how strong we are. They allow us to lean into God a little bit more. Ask God to show you areas where you need to grow.
  3. Choose to stay unoffended! This is so important to your growth and your spiritual walk. Tough times can become worse when we allow ourselves to be easily offended by others. Whether at work, family, or even by God because we think He should do things differently. Choose to forgive quickly.

Difficult situations and seasons in life are unavoidable. Bad things, unfair things, and sad things will happen. How we choose to handle ourselves in these situations will make a big difference in our future.

I believe just like the Israelite’s had to wander in the dessert for 40 years, how we choose to conduct our behavior can mean staying longer in the tough seasons.

3 things NOT to do:

  1. complain
  2. whine
  3. blame others

If you read Exodus you will see the correlation between the Israelite’s and us when we handle difficult seasons. Last thing I want to do is stay in the dessert longer than I need to because I refuse to grow or make the situation worse.

Here’s a prayer for you in those tough seasons of life:

Heavenly Father, I choose to trust you in the good and the bad. I know you have my life in your hands and you will see me through every season in life. I ask you to show me the areas where I can grow. Show me when I am becoming offended so I can forgive quickly. Thank you for giving me strength to overcome, wisdom to make good choices and grace to make it. I choose to praise you in every season! Let me life glorify you. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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