#1 to Way Get Rid of Negative Self-Talk


Do you think negative thoughts about yourself? Put yourself down? Try to look better to others because of your insecurities?

The first step to live free from self-doubt and negative self-talk is to forgive yourself.

I have ministered to many people in this area. I found that forgiving yourself is sometimes the hardest to do.

  1. Unforgiveness opens the door for the enemy to taunt you and speak lies into your life. When you hold unforgiveness against yourself the enemy’s lies are aimed at you and fuels the insecurities.

Remember, you do not fight against flesh and blood.

Your enemy is a spiritual being living in the unseen.

2. We are commanded to love others as we love ourselves. It is impossible to love others to the extent we are created to if we cannot love ourselves by forgiving ourselves.

Forgiving oneself opens the door to loving deeper in all our relationships.

3. We walk in obedience to God, our Heavenly Father, when we forgive. That includes ourselves.

How do you show love to yourself?

Forgive yourself.

Ask God to show you. “Lord, what do I need to forgive myself for?”

Take time to listen to Him. If any thoughts come that cause guilt or shame then there it is! You identified something.

Then, say this prayer.

If it is something that you need to repent for, Pray: Heavenly Father, I repent for ____________(name what it is). Thank you for your forgiving and healing power. I am free from all my past. I choose to receive your forgiveness.

Heavenly Father, I choose to forgive myself for ________________(name what it is). I let it go. I ask you to come and heal my heart. Tell me your truth about the situation. Tell me your truth about me.

Forgive yourself for every grudge you hold against yourself.

Doing this will begin to release that hold the enemy has had on your life to bombard you with lies and negativity.

You will begin to notice changes in your thoughts.

Next time we will talk about how to get rid of that negative self-talk once and for all.

God Bless!

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