Trauma and Intercession Part 2

This is a more in depth look at a recent dream I had. Part 1 is above. Read it first for the entire story. I will concentrate on only a specific part right now.

Warning: Not for faint of heart

The dream:

Faceless men were placing bodies in a box. The bodies were butchered and bloody. Some almost unrecognizable. These faceless men were the perpetrators. Without care or compassion. They cut and mutilated each person.

Then one of the bodies moved. I could tell that it was a young man. He left the other bodies and began to walk away. He walked into the trees and disappeared. Then another body moved, got up and began to walk away. At first, I thought it was another man. Then I realized it was a young woman. I could barely recognize the features under the blood covering her body. Her hair was matted and half covering her face. There was a cut across her face bleeding. She wore a t-shirt that was bloody also and only barely clinged to her body so it was difficult to tell if this was a man or woman until I looked at her face. Then I knew this was a woman. She walked toward me, although she could not see me, and walked into the truck bed. Stopped for a second. Turned her body slightly. Then walked forward. She took very slow steps, without direction. One labored step after another. I began to shout “Run! Run!” I so wanted her to get away. But she did not run. In shock from the horrors she just went through. She continued to walk slowly. Walking until concealed by the trees.

I wrote in Part 1 how this dream seemed like a nightmare. But like all dreams that are from there was no fear, only peace. The dream continues and you can read about it in Part 1.

The dream was a call to prayer for every hurt soul.

I want to break down each element in the dream and how it pertains to our lives.

1. The faceless men.

Eph 6:12 (NIV) For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Satan was given power over this world for a time. In that time he endeavors to steal, kill and destroy. The battles you fight, the pain you endure, the trauma inflicted, comes not from God your Heavenly Father; but it comes from Satan and his evil forces. Granted, maybe it was a human that hurt you and that human had a choice. But ultimately the true enemy was not that person but the enemy that uses people to carry out dastardly deeds.

The perpetrators in the dream are the spiritual forces working to destroy you. They will use any means necessary. Traumatic life experiences are just one. Ask any person alive today and I guarantee they have some traumatic event that shaped their lives forever.

After the initial trauma, the residue left is compounded by Satan’s lies. He will use the traumatic event to cause shame, reproach, and continued pain that affects your relationships, your thoughts about yourself and others. It will also affect your actions and decisions for the rest of your life. …that is… until God…

2. The bodies

The bodies were not dead. They were lifeless. Tossed aside. Used and abused. Disrespected.

I don’t know why only some escaped. I suspect it is the same reason why only some people come to know Jesus Christ. It is by choice.

The bodies that walked away were not in a relationship with Jesus yet. That happened later in the dream.

I read somewhere that unclothed in your dream could mean a relationship with Jesus and that we have surrendered our lives to Him. And are humble before Him. These were all fully clothed. In fact, it was specifically brought to my attention the young woman was wearing a t-shirt.

This portion portrays just how hard life can be. Many times people are so used and abused by others or are so abusive to themselves that they become lifeless. Feeling hurts too much so find something to numb the pain. Some people feel so alone and tossed aside. They may feel like no one really cares what happens to them. Some stop caring about themselves altogether.

3. The hair

The hair was matted with blood, falling over her face partially covering her features. When I think of this picture I am reminded of the many women I see that have so little self confidence. They live in such shame and regret. So many women take the blame for actions against them. Even the actions over which they had no control. They believe the lies. They internalize the fear.

Isaiah 54:4(NIV) “Do not be afraid; you will not be put to shame.

Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated.

You will forget the shame of your youth

and remember no more the reproach of your widowhood.

This is a promise of what the Grace and Mercy of God can do. That with forgiveness comes healing. The shame is taken away. The fear is replaced with peace. You find exoneration. You are no longer alone.

4. The walk

The walk had no purpose, no direction. The woman walked into the bed of the truck. In the dream I could almost feel the impact. It was as if she didn’t see it in her path.

Ps 119:105 (NLT) Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

Jesus becomes a light to our path. We do not have to walk in darkness. We do not have to live life without a purpose. You do not have to live without hope.

Jer 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

You can live with a purpose. You can live with hope and joy and peace. This is not something you conjure up in your mind or that you talk yourself into feeling. God places it there. It just exists because God exists. The hardest part is accepting this truth.

The young woman made a slight change in her course and proceeded to walk slowly into the trees until she disappeared into the dense trees.

She disappeared into oblivion. No one noticed her. This is the same way people that are hurting disappear into the crowd. No one ever knows the pain they endured. Or the scars they hide. Loneliness seems their only friend.

Well, I know a friend. He died for you and for me. He died for this woman and for every woman. He died so we don’t have to be subject to the trauma, the memories of the past.

Here is the most interesting part…

This dream of pain and trauma applies to everyone. I see people that carry this pain into their salvation. They accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior yet they don’t allow him to heal the wounds. I see people in the Church that still live in shame and reproach and they believe the lies of the enemy. Many churches never address this. It may take years before the pain is dealt with in a godly way.

Step 1: Admit that you are separated from God by sin. Acknowledge that Jesus Christ died for you to bridge that gap by forgiving every unholy, ungodly thing we have ever done or said or thought. Accept that forgiveness.

Step 2: Now, forgive everyone that has every sinned against you. If it’s too hard remember that forgives is a choice. Pray for God to work that forgiveness in your heart until you are able to freely forgive the way HE forgives you. He does not remember it anymore once forgiven and neither should you recount past sins against you. There is freedom in forgiveness. Try it. Unforgiveness only hurts the one holding onto it. It never hurts the person that inflicted the pain. Why hold on to it and continue hurting yourself?

Step 3: Every promise of God now belongs to you. Read the Bible or a Bible promise book and find those that mean something special to you like Jer. 29:11. You are valuable. You are precious.

Step 4: Pray those promises over your life. Accept them as gifts from a loving Heavenly Father.

Step 5: Talk to God daily. Talk to Him about your fears, about your thoughts, about anything. It can be about your past. Ask Him to strengthen you and to give you understanding. Find a church to attend that shows genuine love and compassion.

You will find that as you pursue God, He will pursue you. He will give you hope. He will eradicate fear. He will give you peace daily. Eventually, you will find yourself loving deeply. Yourself and others. You will feel joy.

If you need prayer contact me through Facebook, Twitter or through the comment section below.

I pray for every person that reads this and knows it applies to them. As they remember the pain, regret and shame, I pray they will forgive whoever caused it. Even if it is their self. I pray they will seek an intimate relationship walking with you daily.

I pray that you will send someone to show love and compassion. To help them in the journey of recovery. Send your love, your peace LORD to be with them as they confess fears to you.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


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