Trauma ∧ Intercession

Warning: Not for faint of heart

Last night I had a dream. It was bloody and gory. I woke up this morning asking God “why?”. I don’t watch scary movies or movies with blood and gore. I purposely, carefully, limit the amount of unholy things my eyes see. Remember the song, “OH, be careful little eyes what you see…what you hear…where you go”?

That dream was not a nightmare. It was a call to arms for all prayer warriors to pray for those that are hurt. A call to share His love.

The dream:

Faceless men were placing bodies in a box. The bodies were butchered and bloody. Some almost unrecognizable. These faceless men were the perpetrators. Without care or compassion. They cut and mutilated each person.

Then one of the bodies moved. I could tell that it was a young man. He left the other bodies and began to walk away. Then another body moved, got up and began to walk away. At first, I thought it was another man. Then I realized it was a young woman. I could barely recognize the features under the blood covering her body. I began to shout “Run! Run!” I so wanted her to get away. But she did not run. She weakly, stumbled as if she was dizzy but never fell. She was dazed and confused. In shock from the horrors she just went through. She continued to walk slowly. Walking until concealed by the trees.

Fast forward. Many years later I look upon those same people living normal lives. Scars in place of the wounds. Scar tissue hardened over certain parts as a reminder of distant trauma. A hand, the mighty hand of God, reaches to touch the scar tissue. He shows me it is hard. He knocks on it to show how hard it is.

They don’t discuss the past. It is almost forgotten. Pushed away, deeply recessed in the mind.

Next, I find myself sitting in a car with the young woman in the passenger seat. I pray for her.

This sounds like a horrible nightmare. I have had nightmares.

This was a reminder that so many people have been cut so deeply by pain, regret and trauma’s in the past. Some of the scar tissue has become a protective armor, hardened over their heart. The darkness is prevailing. The light of Jesus’s love cannot seem to pass through.

Pray in the Spirit for the lost souls. The hurting souls, cut, and mutilated.

We all know people that live hard lives. People who have been through tremendous pain caused by someone in their past. Or caused pain to themselves. Maybe still going through the trauma and never escaped. Maybe you have been through something that harmed you physically, mentally or spiritually.

I recently read something that said the best way to deal with anything is to face it. That is just what God does. He touches the scar tissue. Brings the memory back and then in His awesome Grace He says “Now forgive.” “Let it go.” “Let me heal that pain.” “Give it to me.”

The human world is given to Satan. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. That is just what he aims to do from the time you are born. Sometimes before the baby is even born he works diligently to cause pain. On earth, there is no complete escape from pain. But there is a God that takes pain and uses it for our good. He heals it, softens the hard parts of our hurting heart and turns the mourning into gladness. Only our Heavenly Father can do this. All you have to do is ask. He is willingly…more than that…eagerly awaiting you to turn to Him.

Pray. Pray when you don’t feel like it. Pray when you don’t know what you are praying for. Pray.

God will use those prayers to help someone in need.

Show love. Show love when you have a bad day. Show love to people who are not in your regular circle of friends. Show love to people that may not be able to love back..yet.

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