Identity in Christ

identity in Christ

Last weekend I had the great honor of speaking at a women’s conference in Lewisburg, TN. They were an amazing group of women, hungry for God.
I prepared this bookmark for the women to take home and use as a study guide.
Everyone needs a reminder of who they are in Christ. The world tells us everything opposite of God.

Use this bookmark as a reminder that you are NOT who the “world” says you are.
You ARE what God says you are.

1. Look up the verses
2. Pray the verses over you
3. Recite the verses using your name or “I”
4. If you have difficulty believing what God says about you say the verses in the mirror until you believe it

God’s word is the truth about you. It is also a weapon to fight the lies of the enemy. You can use these verses to fight the lies you believe about yourself.

2 Responses to Identity in Christ

  1. Teresa Edwards says:

    Hello. I went to that conference and really enjoyed it. I was there with my daughter and you asked to pray with me. You also prayed with my daughter on Day 2. I’d like to speak to you, if at all possible, regarding my prayer concern that day.

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