Awake O’Sleeper

Awake O Sleeper

Whitestone Motion Pictures created this gripping video. Music written by The Bright Bothers.

I posted this video once. I am posting again because there is a deep longing within my heart for God’s people to live free from bondage.

Allow me to explain what I see in this video…

1. God’s people are in chains. We don’t realize the chains the enemy has placed on us from years of suffering, trauma, pain and unforgiveness. We are in bondage to illness, disease, unforgiveness, sin, gossip, backbiting, regret, fear…the list is long. We are called to fight the good fight. We are called to be more than conquerors. We are given every good thing and all authority and power to put all bondage and everything of the enemy under our feet. Yet, we are sleeping. We walk through life as if the chains are meant to be there. We are so used to the chains. We forget they are not meant for us. Gal 5:1, John 8:32

2. Jesus lived, died and rose again, to set us free  from all bondage of the enemy. 1 John 3:8b

3. Freedom from all pain, regret, fleshly desires, addictions, are for every believer. Yet, many believer’s don’t LIVE like they are free. We live in the pain, fear, regret, resentment and unforgiveness. Many still live in their addictions. Many don’t even realize their bondage. John 10:10

4. Now is the time to fight the enemy and retake the ground, the time, he stole. God restores. Just like in the video, the men in chains find the strength, power and authority to overtake the oppressor. Because of Jesus we have that authority to bind the oppressor and cast him out of our lives. Just like removing a squatter from land we can remove the enemy’s oppression from our lives because we are redeemed. 2 Cor 10:4-5, Eph 6:12, Luke 10:19

The Church is set free through Jesus Christ but we live like we are in bondage.

It’s time to shake off those shackles and proclaim who we are in Christ. To attack the enemy, Satan and his dominion. For we do not fight against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness, principalities and powers and rulers of darkness.

Every thought and everything that is good comes from God. He gives good things to His children. All others are of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy you. To separate you from God.

We are born into this slavery to sin so we are familiar with it. It seems natural and what is common. Jesus came to set us free from all that. Yet, we still live in it.

We don’t leave the familiar.  Jesus set us free and we are free indeed.

Wake up O’sleepers!

We fight the good fight of faith. It is a fight not just for unsaved souls but for the saved to truly live free. The Word of God details how to fight, what are weapons are, how to use the those weapons and how to pray. All we have to do is study and then put action behind it in faith. You don’t have to live with bondage, addictions, fear, resentment…or any other thing the enemy has told you. You are worth it, you are a child of the living God with more rights and authority than you can ever understand.

Here is my prayer:

Heavenly Father, you are GOOD. You give good things to your children and we are heirs with Christ. We partake, because of Jesus Christ, in His authority, power and dominion over every evil thing of the enemy. I take every thought into captivity that is of the enemy. Every lie from the enemy is null and void. Holy Spirit, show me the truth. Replace the lie with the truth. Open my eyes to every wrong thing in my heart. Let the light of Jesus shine into the dark recesses of my heart. To reveal, so I can deal with it, through your Holy spirit, and apply the forgiveness to that place. Heal my wounds and scars. Show me any area of unforgiveness in my life. Work that forgiveness in my heart. I understand that I must forgive to be forgiven and this is your command. Give me strength to deal with all deep rooted issues. If necessary, send someone that can pray with me about them. Set me free, show me how to live free. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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