A Wife Finally Sees Her Own Mountains of Sin

In previous posts I refer to looking at ourselves and how we contribute to negative emotions and actions in our own marriages. Most behavior from our spouse is in reaction to our own negative behavior. This is a very interesting and eye-opening post from Peacefulwife’s Blog. Her empathetic and knowledgeable view on marriage is refreshing and much needed in our divorce ridden society. Please read this with an open heart and mind. Then go check out the Peacefulwife’s Blog for more insight into marriage.

The Peaceful Wife


This precious wife wrote to me – asking for help.  She and her husband have been married long enough to have children and grandchildren.  Things are not going well right now.  Her husband is not sure they can be “happy” together anymore.   The first assignment I gave her was to list all of her sin against her husband that she could think of  so she can repent to God and to her husband of it.  (Repent means to turn 180 degrees from the way I was going and go the opposite direction – away from sin and towards Christ!)  This is EXACTLY what I had to do to start this journey 4 years ago, too.

Please carefully read this wife’s list – and prayerfully ask God to examine your own heart (whether you are a husband or a wife) and consider if it is time to make your…

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