Lesson 2-Praying for your spouse

This is the 2nd installment of the original lesson summarized in “Praying for Your Spouse”

This is one of the lessons I find hardest to walk out in my life. My flesh tends to think and act to anything that is happening NOW-what I think, feel, who is offending me…

Your spouse is not the enemy.

Ephesians 6:12 “We do not fight against flesh and blood..” (your spouse)

We fight against principalities, and powers, and rulers of darkness (Satan and his kingdom).

Every time I am offended I revert to human nature and temptation to lash back in retaliation against the “person”.  That is the trap of the enemy! And I fall into it almost every time.

Jesus is the best example of how to respond to offense and abuse.

Forgiveness and love

After severe beating and abuse Jesus goes to the cross saying “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”. (I digress at this point–I am not saying to take beatings–that is another discussion).

Jesus saw the people as tools the enemy used against Him and also as souls that needed salvation. He showed great love and compassion.

This is easier said than done sometimes. I see my problem as my husband’s behavior and he has a choice. While that may be true to some extent go back and read lesson 1.

Instead, below are a few things I have resolved to try in my own relationship.

1. Earnestly seek God’s “agape” love (unconditional)

Jesus was a great example of loving the unlovable. He can flood your heart with HIS love. His love covers a multitude of sins, HIS love forgives immediately and without conditions or strings attached.

2. Pray for spiritual eyes

Pray for God to show the heart of man the way HE does. So much of how we perceive problems and people are in direct opposition to the way Jesus sees them.

STOP! in the middle of the argument, situation, whatever…and try to “see” the real problem. The problem many times is not the person you are arguing with or mad it. It is the enemy behind the issue. If your spouse is blind to the root causes it is not your responsibility to tell him about it. It is your responsibility to react in love. Instead of arguing. Smile, soften, diffuse. Then, as soon as possible, pray for him.

3. Go pray!

Depending on the seriousness of the issues at hand, serious prayer along with fasting may be necessary.

First, ask for forgiveness for any bitterness, resentment or anger you may have against your husband and for any behavior you had that was not in love.

Then, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the root issues so you can pray specifically for your spouse.

Pray specifically for anything revealed to you with a heart of love. Many times, you will find that what is revealed are issues in your own heart. Be prepared to pray for those too and be willing to change.

You will have to be the change you want in your husband.

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