Disciplined by my Heavenly Father

I always “enjoy” (for lack of a better word) discipline. It indicates love.

That’s what I remind my kids. I discipline them because I love them.

Our Heavenly Father loves us and therefore he will discipline us. I want to learn more and understand more. I also strive to be more like Jesus. I am not there yet. Still striving…

Perfect example of that happened recently. I have been asking the Lord “why does the annointing leave so quickly sometimes?” I will be really enjoying the presence of the Lord. I usually begin to cry (I really can’t describe why, just the presence of the Holy Spirit is so real and amazing…that’s all I can say). So when it suddenly leaves I really want to know why. What is going on?

So there I am, hands raised, crying, praying and half singing along with the Praise & Worship Team. Really enjoying praising God. Then, it happens.

He answers my prayer.

Very quietly, softly, gently (no other word to describe it) the Holy Spirit reminds me of the scriptures of Peter walking on the water. He says to me “Peter got his mind on himself”.

Immediately, I realize why the awesome presence of God leaves me sometimes so quickly. I get my mind on myself…how I look, good or bad, what other people think, even pride. Thinking that the presence of God is there because something good I did.

It’s not because of anything I do, did, or can do. God’s presence is there because He inhabits the praises of His people. Because He loves us. Because he is real. Because he is wants to be with us. Because He deserves it. Praise is the least we can do. “Present yourselves a living sacrifice”

Because He is Holy, he cannot inhabit impure, wrong motive praises. Imagine if Peter began to think how “cool” (my speak) walking on the water is and how great a disciple he must be that he is the only one out there…walking on the water!! Then he begins to notice everything going on around him. Next, he’s sinking, crying out to the Lord Jesus.

It’s like a spiritual spanking. I was getting my mind on myself and not on God. Nothing is impossible with God. But nothing is possible without God.

God’s discipline is so different than how we would go about it. He is so gentle but very direct and pierces the heart.

I love it! And so proud that He loves me enough!

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